CareerCom Corporation



CareerCom Corporation was established in January 2006 in Yokohama City, Japan with the mission of providing corporate customers with a wide scope of talented temporary workforce to meet their various needs, with an emphasis on the areas such as computer software development (Systems Engineers and Programmers,), OA (OA Instructors, DTP Operators, Demonstrators and PC Operators) and other IT areas, as well as bilingual areas (Japanese-English Translators, Interpreters, Bilingual Secretaries, Import/Export and Research). We strive to respond speedily to increasing demands of our customers in the Yokohama and Tokyo Metropolitan areas by matching highly experienced, technical and professional staff with the specified position requirement.


CareerCom Corporation is a registered and licensed temporary staff agency primarily catering to the human resources needs in the Tokyo-Yokohama Metropolitan area. Our small size enables us to move and respond quickly to any temporary workforce needs. A best match is made possible by our start-to-finish care policy, which means that the entire staffing process is taken care of by the same staffing agent, from the initial sales and consultation to successful assignment to the after-assignment follow-up. Close attention to the quality of our service is paid to our registered staff as well as our corporate customers ? we make a constant effort to open up new career possibilities for already skilled but under-used workforce available. Skills we emphasize include: computer languages and software such as C, C++, VC, VB, PL/SQL, Perl, Java COBOL, PL/1 an assembler, HTML, Excel, Word, Access, and PowerPoint.



We conduct our business in compliance with the temporary staffing and other labor-related laws and regulations. We also observe and comply with the Ministry of Economic and Industry guidelines for individual privacy protection.